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Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses - How and Where to Search for Small Business Contracts

By Cassandra Black

Foreclosure cleaning businesses are opening their doors in cities and towns across the nation. A foreclosure cleanup company handles a plethora of services. Tasks like the following are handled by cleanup services:

  • debris removal
  • cleaning
  • lawn care
  • pressure washing
  • gutter cleaning
  • interior cleaning
  • painting
  • winterization (and de-winterization)
  • window and door boarding
  • window and door repairs and/and replacement
  • locksmith services
  • pool cleaning
  • automobile removal
  • roof repair work
  • property inspections (i.e., verification of occupancy inspections, initial vacant property inspections, property condition inspections, vacancy inspections, delinquency inspections, drive-by inspections, foreclosure inspections, interior inspections, etc.)
  • minor and major repairs

All of the above services, and more, can be offered by "trash out" firms.

Foreclosures: 1 in Every 662 Housing Units

The market for these types of start-up businesses is ever-increasing. According to RealtyTrac, in March of 2012, one in every 662 housing units received a foreclosure filing.

RealtyTrac collects and aggregates home foreclosure statistics from over 2,200 counties, covering over 90% of the households in the United States.

Banks, Financial Institutions, Realtors, Investors, Property Preservation Companies

These often smaller start-up enterprises that clean up, clear out, repair and/or maintain foreclosures and REO properties are hired by the following firms and professionals: banks and mortgage companies, realtors, investors, homebuyers, and larger mortgage field services companies.

Continuously Searching for New Jobs

New foreclosure cleaning business owners can add to their bottom line quickly by scouring job and small business contract sources regularly. Job outlets should be researched on a daily basis for quick growth on classified ads websites, via direct marketing, on realtor boards, via builders' sites, investment clubs, and similar outlets.

A mistake many small business owners make is the following: landing one large contract and resting on their laurels. Entrepreneurs in this industry should continuously search for new clients to grow their businesses.

One Company, Several Offices

Direct contact with property preservation companies is one of the best tactics for landing meaty contracts and bidding opportunities. These large entities, more often than not, have offices in several states. For example, a company's headquarters might be in Chicago, but that same entity may have smaller offices and a large number of properties for which they are responsible in several other states.

Also, the Chicago office, as an example, may not have as many work orders, but that same company's Dallas, Baltimore, and New York offices may be overrun with foreclosures in need of cleaning, lawn maintenance, debris removal, repairs, inspections, and more.

Diversify When Applying for Jobs

Smaller businesses can grow quickly by working with larger outfits, but should not remain glued to one or two property preservation companies. They should sign up with more than one property preservation company so their business income flows from various sources.

Job Listings

See recent sample examples of actual foreclosure cleaning job listings profiled on a foreclosure cleanup industry job blog website:

-- Help Wanted: BUCZEK ENTERPRISES Needs Independent Contractors to Perform the Following Duties: Lock-outs, Trash Outs, Rekeying, Initial Property Services, Reoccurring Services, Etc.

-- Mortgage Field Services Job: Property Preservation Contractor Job - HOMELAND is Seeking Help in Many States, Various Foreclosure Cleaning Business Duties

The industry is still in its infancy, so good luck to you if you are starting a foreclosure cleaning business.

Cassandra Black, Foreclosure Cleanup Business Consultant and Author of The Foreclosure Cleaning Business JOB BLOG: How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, FREE Job Leads, Articles and Business Start-up Advice, and Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business Line of Books, Reports and Forms. Visit and for more info.

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