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Want Foreclosure Cleanup Jobs?
3 Cheap, Easy Ways to Get the Phone Ringing

PRLog (Press Release) - Foreclosure cleaning is an excellent business to start -- especially right now. Many get excited about it because they figure the work will flow in seamlessly. After all, "foreclosure homes for sale" signs are all over the place and it's discussed on practically every newscast.

Well guess what buster, if you think foreclosure cleaning is a good business opportunity, so does your neighbor down the street, the guy in the cubicle across the way and the service station attendant you see when you pump gas twice a week. This means competition, which means you're going to have to work to bring in the business.

Welcome to small business reality! You will spend about 80% of your time marketing when you first start a business -- any type of business. Ask any successful small business owner how much time they spent marketing -- and still do -- and they will verify this.

Now that you know why your phone is not ringing with endless job orders, following is what you can do about it. Here are three concrete, cheap marketing ideas you can implement to start getting foreclosure cleaning jobs.

Foreclosure Cleanup: 3 Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Bring In the Business

Flyers: Hand deliver them to every place you even think can use the type of services you offer. This means more than realtor offices, but also junk haulers, insurance offices, mortgage firms, tax firms (they do work for all types of businesses, especially realtors), residential homes, etc.

Email: It's easy to find the email addresses of realtors. Just go to realtor websites. Set up a full-on realtor email campaign. Contact 50, 100, or more per day. Now instead of focusing on foreclosure cleanup, pitch yourself as a real estate services firm. Why?

For one, realtors are inundated with foreclosure cleaning company literature. So to stand out, take a different tact. Introduce yourself as a full-service real estate property preservation firm.

This not only helps your correspondence stand out, it prevents the realtors' eyes from glazing over when they get yet another email from a foreclosure cleaning firm. It's a subtle difference that can make all the difference.

Cold Calling: You know why cold calling is still the number one way to make a sale? Because it works. And, many hate to do it which is why if you do, you have a much better chance of landing jobs than your competitors.

Will it be easy? No. Will you get brushed off -- a lot? Yes. Do you want to the business? Then pick up the phone. Make it a habit to make 5 or 10 cold calls a day. If you do 5 a day Monday through Friday, that's 100 calls a month; 1,200 a year. The law of averages alone will land you some jobs.

Just because foreclosure cleaning is a hot business opportunity does not mean you don't have to market to get the phone ringing. You do. This is why so many fail at owning small businesses. They get discouraged too easily. If you want to work for somebody else all your life, then fine, throw in the towel.

But if you want to make your foreclosure cleanup business a success, get off your butt and do the work it takes to get the phone ringing. There is plenty of work out there. Now go get it!

To learn everything you need to know about the foreclosure industry and how to start a foreclosure cleaning business, log on to You'll also find info on new career options for real estate professionals, free articles for your website, newsletter or blog -- and a whole lot more.

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