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Listing Guidelines

  • No ALL CAP listings please.
  • Listings with good grammar and spelling are more likely to be approved.
  • Your listing email should look like a business email not a spammy type email.
  • Don't list services that you don't offer.
    Example: A landscaping company that lists they offer "Maid Service." Obviously, they are not a maid service company like Molly Maid.
  • Some services require you to be licensed. If you list these services and don't check that you are licensed, you won't be approved.
  • Company Info section – No need to relist your services offered in this section unless they're unique or not available in the Service Area section.

If submitting a business website:

  • Website needs to be active (live).
  • Website needs to be relative to your listing.
  • Website should be complete or close to it.
  • Your contact information should be available and easy to find.
  • Your listing phone number should match the phone number on your website.
  • Your listing email should match the email on your website.
  • Website should have a "Service Area" section listing where you offer your services. (Cities, Counties, State)